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Where did Viscose Georgette originate from?

Viscose georgette is a type of fabric made from viscose yarns. Georgette is a lightweight, sheer fabric with a slightly rough texture that is characterized by its crinkled or puckered surface. Viscose georgette is a variation of this fabric, made from viscose fibers that are known for their silky, smooth texture and excellent drape.

Viscose georgette has many desirable properties, including its lightweight and breathable nature, its ability to drape beautifully, and its soft, silky feel. It is commonly used in clothing such as blouses, dresses, and skirts, as well as in scarves and other accessories.

However, it is worth noting that viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber, meaning that it is derived from natural sources such as wood pulp, but it is chemically processed to create the final product.

Viscose Georgette and Lucknowi Chikankari

Viscose georgette fabric is a popular choice for chikankari embroidery, a traditional style of hand embroidery that originated in Lucknow, India. Chikankari is known for its delicate and intricate designs, which are created by hand using a needle and thread.


Viscose georgette is a lightweight and breathable fabric that drapes beautifully, making it an ideal choice for chikankari embroidery. The fabric has a slightly rough texture that provides a good base for the embroidery stitches to hold onto, while still being smooth enough to allow the needle to glide through easily.


Chikankari embroidery is traditionally done with white thread on white or pastel-colored fabrics, and the delicacy of the embroidery is accentuated by the sheerness of the fabric. Viscose georgette is often used for chikankari because it is sheer enough to allow the embroidery to show through, but not so sheer that it becomes difficult to work with.


Overall, viscose georgette is a popular choice for chikankari embroidery because it is lightweight, breathable, and has a soft, silky feel that complements the delicate nature of the embroidery!


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